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  • How to Adapt to Long Term Compliance with Evolving Regulations
  • How to Orchestrate Multiple Hardware and Devices
  • How to Ensure a quick and Effective Roll-Out
  • How to Maintain your OEE
  • How to Optimize Your Qualification Process

Meet the Speakers

Jim Cummings


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VP, Partners, Adents




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Benefits of the Webinar

  • Understand the Complexity of Drug Serialization, including fast approaching deadlines and regulatory requirements
  • Discover the many complex scenarios involved in serialization including codification standards, market regulations and pharmaceutical company requirements.
  • Introduction to Adents Seriza, the most powerful and reliable serialization and traceability solution

Friday, June 23, 2017

11:00-11:45 AM EST

Director, Sales Execution, Sequence

5 Key Points for a Future Proof 

Drug Serialization Solution

Matt Brawner


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