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Serialization project: 
How to Achieve an Efficient Roll-out and Manage OEE on your Lines before and after Implementation ?

Multiple, fast approaching and moving deadlines for drug serialization implementation create an extraordinary level of complexity to cope with for pharmaceutical companies, drug manufacturers and packagers.

The window to identify and mitigate risks and gain clarity on uncertainties is shrinking as mandated deadlines are drawing near. A badly planned implementation strategy can have a major impact on budget and OEE. 

About the Speakers

Evren Ozkaya, Ph.D


Chuck Sailer


Prior to founding Supply Chain Wizard, LLC, a leading management and technology consulting firm, Dr. Ozkaya established the Global Track & Trace Program at Sandoz and led multiple implementation projects in Americas, Europe and Asia.  He also led a supply chain transformation program at Sandoz North America. Before joining Sandoz, Dr. Ozkaya worked for McKinsey and Company in Americas Operations Practice as a management consultant serving various industries.


Chuck Sailer is an architect, developer, and project leader with notable success in designing, developing, and implementing all facets of world-class, commercial software. M. Sailer gained in-depth expertise in Track, Trace, and Serialization technology working for Frequentz, Systech International and Apostrophe Systems to deliver solutions for high-profile organizations such as Sharp, Novartis, Bristol Myers Squib, Genzyme/Sanofi, and Pfizer. 

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Topics covered

  • Global regulatory landscape updates
  • Complexities of drug serialization
  • Risks due to serialization implementation
  • Tips to establish and execute an efficient serialized packaging line roll-out strategy
  • Methodology to manage OEE before and after serialization implementations


‚ÄčFounder & CEO of Supply Chain Wizard, LLC

Serialization Solution Expert at Adents


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