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1The access to Adents Prodigi trial platform is limited to pharmaceutical companies only. Adents reserves the right to refuse any requests that would not fully match its selection criteria. Companies will have access to a version of Adents Prodigi with a limited number of functionalities. For further information, contact us at or via our website.

Set up and manage your supply chain network

Visualize relationships between multiple levels of packaging

Simulate data reporting to authorities

Generate reports using Microsoft Power BI

Adents Prodigi is the only L4 solution co-developed with Microsoft enabling Marketing Authorization Holders (MAHs) to generate, exchange, manage, enrich, analyze and enhance their serialization data.

Securely connect and manage all types of partners (CMOs, 3PLs …)

Smoothly manage your Serialization strategy (SN generation)

Turn your serialization data into business intelligence with Microsoft Power BI or through secure APIs

Comply properly with any Serialization regulations in the world

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